Second Look Sunday 21 December 14 – My Last Post For 2014

Second Look Sunday 21 December 14 - My Last Post For 2014

Second Look Sunday 21 December 14 - My Last Post For 2014 This week has had a very topsy turvy vibe. Mr Asks Dad was unwell and in hospital for a few days, thankfully he is fine and is home now. Mr Asks Mum almost cancelled her trip home to the Philippines because of it and is still prepping like crazy. Mummy Ask doesn’t ‘do’ Christmas and is working on Christmas & Boxing Days – no rest for nurses! Mr Asks family Christmas will just be us, his sister and his Dad. Even so, there have been mad dashes across town to Costco, more manic seasonal stitching and I’ve even braved Marion (our big shopping mall that is painfully busy) for a manicure and gifts! Yes, grinchy me has Christmas nails. Not to mention that Mr Ask will be celebrating a BIG birthday on the the 30th of the month. He is literally the hardest person to buy for, it drives me NUTS! He also prefers to ignore birthdays and if you read my birthday post, you’ll know that ignoring it is NOT an option! This means all planning is secret squirrel, I’m the birthday celebration ninja! I’m only telling you guys because Mr Ask doesn’t really read my posts. Or at least, I don’t think he does……

  • We have been watching the BBC doco series, Wild Weather with Richard Hammond. Very interesting but in episode 3, something I’ve long thought, was finally confirmed…..South Australia is one of the dustiest places in the world. I knew it!
  • Ruth, Peter and Tom of the BBC Farm Series fame (you know, Victorian Farm, Edwardian Farm, Tudor Monastery Farm and Wartime Farm) are back at it. This time building an authentic 13th century castle in Secrets of the Castle. So amazing! How did people ever work this stuff out?
  • And while we are poking around the catalogues of the BBC, we just started watching the series Black Mirror. I am already thoroughly addicted! Part twilight zone, part sarcastic commentary on the perverse nature of humanity and definitely kick ass viewing. I’m not surprised I like it, it was created by Charlie Brooker. Charlies quick wit thrills me. If you are chilling over this holiday season, get on to watching Screenwipe and the other shows in the ‘wipe’ family.

It’s that time of year where I ignore the seasonal festive and make some time to go to my happy place! Yep, you are now entering Crazy Cat Lady controlled airspace. There will be cat pics! If you do not love cat pics (I’m not sure what you are doing on this blog then), just jump to the bold text below….

Second Look Sunday 21 December 14 - My Last Post For 2014

  • If this post finds you glum, instead of glad, do what I do when it gets too hard. Go to the Reddit Sub dedicated to cats wearing makeup. Yes, you read correctly and no it’s not real makeup (digital) but boy it makes me smile!
  • You know how much I love my cats, Mummy Asks dogs and basically all creatures great and small. This time of year is the WORST for many animals. So many are euthanized in our shelters and yet there are wonderful, kind volunteers working to save them. These people choose to break their hearts and spend their time to save furry lives. SA Dog Rescue is not just dogs, they have cats and even some farm animals. A small amount of money or even just your time, can really change things for beautiful animals, like Mums dogs Zac & Reg. Even you have no time or money to give, it takes almost no energy to repost this post explaining the work SA Dog Rescue do and how you can help. There are no ugly pics of mistreated animals, no gore at all. I’ll even post the raw link below, then you can just copy and paste. I beg you to get the word out so we can make this Christmas happy for the dogs and the cats too. Please, do me this kindness and I will take it as your wonderful gift to me.

This is probably my last chance to chat with you before Christmas. I am taking a well-deserved break between now and the 4th of January. It’s only a digital break, a few days without answering email, working to my posting schedule, photographing everything in case, without Instagram, facebook or twitter. I will pop by to wish you a happy new year.

If you are still organizing Christmas you NEED my big Christmas post and if you entertaining or going anywhere where you need to bring a plate, you need my party food post. Seriously, don’t stress and do less while wowing them all.

I would so love to write an inspiring, joy inducing message of seasonal wonder for you all but it all feels wrong when I type it. Just be kind to each other, be kind xyourself. None of the present giving and food cooking and hype really matters. I wish you amazing connections with loved ones, safe passage as you travel and a lack of disaster of all kinds. And I hope that it is all garnished with some fun and frivolity. If it all goes to hell in a hand basket (or Helena Handbasket as we say round here) be sure to laugh and plan to be on deserted island beach new year! It’s goodbye for me, until we gather round to await the dawn of a shiny 2015 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Recipe Roundup: Perfect Party Food {Super Simple Too!}

Recipe Roundup: Perfect Party Food {Super Simple Too!}Okay, right now as I write this post, it’s nearly Christmas. And just days after that, Mr Asks Birthday (And it’s a BIG one!) and then seconds later, New Years! Plenty of parties and occasions requiring some picky bits. Or maybe (in your right now), it’s some other time and just have a party to go to! This post is your friend, whatever the occasion! If you’ve read this blog for a while you know I love to bake and make from scratch but in the real world, sometimes there just isn’t time. So, I bring you some favorites that are big on BANG but small on effort. There are even a few foodie gifts that you can whip up too!

Recipe Roundup: Perfect Party Food {Super Simple Too!}

Recipe: Caramelised Onion & Gruyere Vol Au Vents

Restaurant Ripoff: Mushroom Pâté

Recipe: White Bean Dip/Spread

Recipe Roundup: Perfect Party Food {Super Simple Too!}Recipe: Corn, Zucchini and Fetta Fritters Two Ways

Recipe: Fried Tortellini

Recipe: Nacho Cheese Sauce or Dip

Recipe Roundup: Perfect Party Food {Super Simple Too!}Recipe: Lemon & Cinnamon Palmiers

Recipe: Little Lemon Tarts {Get Your Kids to Make ‘em!}

Recipe: Chocolate, Almond & Cranberry Bark

Recipe Roundup: Perfect Party Food {Super Simple Too!}Recipe: Santa Hat Mini Cupcakes

Recipe: Pink Snowball

Recipe: Apricot & Almond White Christmas

Recipe Roundup: Perfect Party Food {Super Simple Too!}Recipe: DIY Fancy Coffee Syrups

Recipe: Ask Sarah’s Brownies in Jar (inc. printable gift labels)

I hope I’ve given you some easy inspirations! It can be tough to be the hostess with the mostess without a bead of sweat or a furrowed brow. But this will help! And if you are simply ‘bringing a plate’, you’ll be guaranteed to be asked back with there recipes! So be sure to pin or bookmark this for later. Enjoy whatever celebrations you are about to have and know that you can just ‘whip something up’!


Second Look Sunday 14 December 14

Second Look Sunday 14 December 14Second Look Sunday 14 December 14

Christmas is officially everywhere! If I hear one more Christmas song, I think I’ll curl up in a ball and sob! My sympathies to those working retail and being tortured with Christmas songs all day. I did go to a fantastic Christmas party at M’s house (you’ll remember her from this day out). Nothing more fun than a bunch of liquored up psych nurses and a karaoke jukebox! M and her husband went all out decorating and setting up, even letting us swim in their beautiful pool. A great time was had by all! 

It’s been busy and I have stuff I could/should be doing. But I think we are going make roast dinner and watch some docos. Bliss! Have an amazing weekend xxxx