Goodnight Giveaway {WIN a Goodnight Pamper Pack with your Pic!}

Goodnight Giveaway {WIN a Goodnight Pamper Pack with your Pic!}

If you have be reading along, you’ll know that Mummy Ask has been on night duty for the first time in years and that I recently joined Instagram. But why does it matter and what does it all mean….
Well, I made Mummy Ask a super cute cat shaped sleep mask to make sleeping in the day easier. It’s black linen with pink felt and stitched detail on the front, gold satin inside for that luxury feeling and has super sweet leopard print elastic. It’s been awhile since we had a giveaway, so I’ve made a cat sleep mask to giveaway with some other nice goodies. And I’m having a photo contest to give it away!
Goodnight Giveaway {WIN a Goodnight Pamper Pack with your Pic!}
The Goodnight Giveaway Pack contains: 
  • Handmade Cat Shaped Sleep Mask
  • Qi Organic White Tea Relax
  • Hydratheterapy Replenishing Night Cream
  • Hydratherapy Replenishing Cleansing Wipes
  • Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm
  • Natio Orange Blossom Hand Cream

There are two ways to enter:

  1. Click on the Giveaway tab here
  2. Fill in the form being sure to include your mailing address & ATTACH A PHOTO depicting why you should win! 
  3. Subscribe to this blog via Bloglovin


  1. Follow on instagram
  2. Post an instagram pic depicting why you should win with the hashtag #goodnightgiveaway

Goodnight Giveaway {WIN a Goodnight Pamper Pack with your Pic!}

Entries open 1pm ACST 24/7/2014 and close 1pm ACST 31/7/2014, for the official rules please see here.

I was not paid or compensated for this post. The items were  purchased with my own money because I love you guys.


Handmade Stitched Greeting Cards

Handmade Stitched Greeting CardsI made these cards for my ‘Little Bit of Wonderful’ swap partner. I love how they turned out so thought  I’d show you how I made them! I started out with some store bought plain cards and envelopes. If you are feeling crafty you could certainly make your own cards and envelopes. In fact here’s a quick envelope tutorial I found.

Handmade Stitched Greeting CardsMy swap partners colours were yellow & orange, so I pulled out this yellow felt. I used my best hand writing and a sharpie to write my greetings. Make sure that you leave enough space all around your words so that you have room to cut them out. I used a small amount of tacky glue and  a cotton bud to smooth it out.You can see the glue dots on the ones I didn’t smooth out, so it is important! I glued the felt down and let everything dry completely.
Handmade Stitched Greeting Cards
Before I stitched the cards, I changed to an old ratty machine needle. Paper and card will blunt your needle quick smart! I set my stitch length a little longer and stitched around the felt. I left long thread tails at the beginning and end so I could use a hand sewing needle to thread the tails on top to the back. Then I just tied them off and trimmed. Then I stitched rows of zig zags. I just trimmed these threads for a loose look but you can tie them off as above or tape the threads down on the back. I think these are so cute and you can really personalize them! I know how much I’d love to receive one. They’re also a good excuse to buy pretty ribbons and trims….
Handmade Stitched Greeting Cards

Second Look Sunday 20 July 2014

Second Look Sunday 20 July 2014Second Look Sunday 20 July 2014

As I mentioned in my tea cup pincushion post, I was manning the ASG stall at the Sewing, Stitching & Handcraft Show on Friday. I had a great time and somehow managed not to buy anything. Mummy Ask bought a hat from the Aldinga Spinners & Knitters. There was heaps to look at (and buy) and still time to get there if you fancy a look.
Second look Sunday
Of course I’ll be off to the supermarket today as usual. I hope you’re having a marvelous weekend xxx