Say ‘Hello’ To The Newest Members of The Ask Family – Zac & Reg!!!!

Say 'Hello' To The Newest Members of The Ask Family - Zac & Reg!!!!

Nope, they’re not my dogs! Not with my tiny upstairs apartment. They’re Mummy Asks new special ones! And aren’t they gorgeous??
Say 'Hello' To The Newest Members of The Ask Family - Zac & Reg!!!!Say 'Hello' To The Newest Members of The Ask Family - Zac & Reg!!!!
They’re brothers, they are 8 1/2 years old and are a Pomeranian X Chihuahua mix. When Fang suddenly departed, Mummy Ask was without a dog for the first time in 35 years! She found Zac & Reg on SA Dog Rescue. And I have to say the volunteers there are just wonderful! They have a solid process for assessing potential homes and have been fabulous!
Say 'Hello' To The Newest Members of The Ask Family - Zac & Reg!!!!
We sent an email of enquiry and spoke to a volunteer about Zac & Reg. Next, the lovely Dee came out to Mums house to check out her yard, fences and get the feel of us in general (P.S. If you rent you’ll need a letter from your landlord, saying pets are OK). As I say, Dee was just lovely! We had a great chat and had lots in common. The next step was to bring the dogs to Mum. SA Dog Rescue allow a two week trial period but even though it’s only been a couple of days, Zac & Reg have definitely found their forever homes!!
Say 'Hello' To The Newest Members of The Ask Family - Zac & Reg!!!!
Zac & Reg had been living with the fantastic Amy, who was their foster Mum. Both Dee & Amy came to deliver the boys. As the boys had recently been to the vet for a teeth clean and a few teeth out, they still had meds. Amy was so fantastic! She had typed and printed info sheets with their meds and other details. We all sat round to see how Zac & Reg felt about their new environment and that gave us time to ask each other lots of questions. We had no doubts about Dee or Amy, they are truly kind hearted animal rescuers and are full of love for ALL the furries!
Say 'Hello' To The Newest Members of The Ask Family - Zac & Reg!!!!
As for Zac & Reg themselves, they are as cute as buttons (Duh!) and are settling in nicely! They are pretty nervous but just love laying on the bed with Mummy Ask! They are unsure of the car, I think they are worried that they might be off to the vet or to somewhere else to live. That said, they are happy, wagging tailed and when feeling unsure they hide under Mummy Asks chair – I think they know she’s home already!
Say 'Hello' To The Newest Members of The Ask Family - Zac & Reg!!!!Say 'Hello' To The Newest Members of The Ask Family - Zac & Reg!!!!
On a more serious note, the lead up to Christmas is always a busy time for animal rescues. Some callous people abandon or give up their pets, not wanting to pay for their upkeep as the cost of Christmas comes….And then there are the animals given as gifts and abandoned in the new year. If you are considering a new pet, please consider SA Dog Rescue (they have cats and more too!). But my strongest message is this: If you could foster an animal, please contact SA Dog Rescue and DO IT!!!! Be an Amazing Amy! And if like me, you can’t adopt or foster right now….a donation (even a small one) could literally save a life! I will be putting up a post with more SA Dog Rescue information soon with a Zac & Reg update too. But for now, I think these are the sweetest little dogs and we feel very lucky to have their company. So, go on say Hi in the comments and I’ll read them to Zac & Reg. They’ll understand…..


On Tonites Menu: Brains & Bird Bones {Halloween Hostess With The Mostess!}

On Tonites Menu: Brains & Bird Bones {Halloween Hostess With The Mostess!}On Tonites Menu: Brains & Bird Bones {Halloween Hostess With The Mostess!}

I just love Halloween! I had a plan for this years activities well in advance. I liked the idea of combining a creepy food with a creepy hostess outfit. I am thrilled about how the whole thing came together but I really enjoyed the makeup! I actually went to the supermarket, Big W and the pet store in the outfit and eyeshadow! I didn’t have the lips yet though! I felt nicely evil and almost wanted to wear it out somewhere. C’mon, I do look like a pretty psycho hostess and I have the brains to prove it… Haha! Even though I spent weeks plotting and several hours taking photos, It’s all really easy to recreate.

On Tonites Menu: Brains & Bird Bones {Halloween Hostess With The Mostess!}What’s in the photo?
I found this dress second hand and bought it to see how it was constructed but I kept it because I thought the horror movie theme would come in handy. If you want to do this look, any 50′s style dress would do it. I was going for a sort of psycho Barbie/Stepford wife look. I feel like it came out more Disney villain, which was also cool! This tutorial explains the eye makeup method, I used NYX jumbo pencil in Electric Blue & Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Shark Bait plus black liquid and pencil liner. For the lips, I used a black eyeliner pencil as lip liner, filled in with matte red lipstick (MAC Russian Red) and added a little black eyeshadow to the edges. I went a little heavier on the brows and added a beauty spot with a pencil liner. The hair is just in a pony with a few hair pins  poofing it. My hair horns/curls are a combo of my naturally curly hair and spraying the ends with hairspray and wrapping the hair around fingers until the spray dried.
On Tonites Menu: Brains & Bird Bones {Halloween Hostess With The Mostess!}You might remember that I picked up this vintage serving tray when I went Op Shopping with M. The forceps, surgical scissors and syringe are courtesy of Mummy Ask but you should be able to pick them up at the pharmacy. The syringe is filled with water and few drips of green food dye. The laudanum and arsenic bottles came from a market but you could probably find and print similar labels and glue them to bottles of your choice. The creepy black cocktail is just coke!
On Tonites Menu: Brains & Bird Bones {Halloween Hostess With The Mostess!}
Summary: Brain dip is super simple! I love my ranch mix but if you’re in a hurry, you could use a packet of taco seasoning mix. Just add a little bit at a time, until you’re happy with the flavour. If you go that route, you may not need the paprika, which is mostly to get a nice pink colour. I got my mould from eBay but if you have a cooking or sugar art/chocolate supply store nearby, you might find one there. Twiglets are a snack food from the UK, I’ve loved them for ages and they happen to look like bird bones! In fact Mr Ask found one on the floor and thought the cats had snuck off with a chicken bone! We Aussies are lucky that Coles now stock them in the international isle.

  • 3 x 250g pkts cream cheese, room temp
  • 3 tblsp ranch mix
  • 1 tsp sweet paprika
  • Brain shaped mould
  • Red liquid food dye
  • 2 x 45g Twiglets
  • Tofu pieces for the ‘flesh’ bits

  1. Use electric beaters or a stand mixer with a paddle to beat the softened cream cheese for 2-3 mins. Cream cheese is very dense, beating it first introduces air, which allows it to properly combine with other things. If you skip this step, you’ll get white lumps in your dip.
  2. Add the ranch/taco/paprika and beat until well combined. Taste as you go.
  3. Spray the brain mould with non stick spray and fill with dip. Make sure you properly fill out the mould. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.
  4. Dip the mould in warm water and flip onto a plate. My brain had two hemispheres, so I stabbed them together with skewers and used a drop of two of food colour as blood.
  5. Serve with Twiglets and baguette slices. Twiglets are kinda too salty for dipping but they do look cool!
On Tonites Menu: Brains & Bird Bones {Halloween Hostess With The Mostess!}
I hope you enjoyed this years Halloween post as much as I did! If you are doing a Halloween thing, maybe I gave you some ideas about costume, creepy foods and fun props. I had a blast dressing up and posing for you. I am always making crazy eyes when a camera is in front of me, at least this time it was a good thing! I also have the bonus of delicious dip! If you do this or any other Halloween shenanigans, please, please, please post pics for me! Facebook, Instagram or email, I want to see your Halloween! I have several previous Halloween posts linked below, just incase you need more encouragement to embrace this holiday. Happy Halloween Lovelies xxxxOn Tonites Menu: Brains & Bird Bones {Halloween Hostess With The Mostess!}Corpse Reviver Cocktail
Redrum Raspberry Punch

Second Look Sunday 26 October 14

Second Look Sunday 26 October 14Second Look Sunday 26 October 14

How’s this sunny weather? Mr Ask and I were up and out early on Saturday. We drove down to Victor Harbor and had a walk around. How cute are the horses that pull the tram to Granite Island? Then we headed to Mt Jagged, home to the Alexandrina Cheese Company. The have a delicious array of cheese, cream, yoghurt and milk made with Jersey milk. They name each and every one of their cows! Cheese means bread, so we picked up some bread from the Country Picnic Bakery in Mt Compass. We also chose an apple blueberry pie for Mr Ask’s family and dropped it in on the way home. Such a nice way to spend a sunny Saturday!
I have lots of exciting things coming next week but today I am going to chill out. That is after I’ve done a little quick frisk clean of the house and thrown on some laundry. Have an awesome weekend and I’ll see you next week for some Halloween fun xxxx