Second Look Sunday 1 March 2015

Second Look Sunday 1 March 15

Second Look Sunday 1 March 2015
Woohoo, what a week! After many weeks of planning the new ASG competition, Castaway to Couture, launched. Entries open tomorrow, I’m so excited! If you haven’t heard the idea is that you buy a garment at a Red Cross Shop, refashion it into something new, enter it into the comp and ask your friends to vote for you. It’s open to the public and voted by the public.  It’s will be wonderful to see the entries that come in, make sure you get yours in. Even if you’re not the sewing type, you can come on over and vote.

Mr Ask has been on hols this week and we actually got to spend some time together. We went for a drive to Hahndorf for lunch and watched a woman spend 30mins taking a selfie. We helped my gorgeous mother in law celebrate her 60th Birthday and shared a beautiful meal. We cooked together and ate big bowls of fruit (that caramel apple dip got us started). We walked around Rundle Mall while my phone was getting fixed and watched some Fringe happenings. We even ran into the lovely Miriam of Create, Hope, Inspire in the food court! Of course we hung around the house and watched movies too. What a fantastic last week of Summer….

Well, I guess today is Mr Asks last day of hols. Which means there will be laundry and ironing to do. If all goes well, I might even finish hemming those pants he asked me to hem. But the day started with coffee and a donut so there’s not too much to complain about. After goofing off with him this week, I need to take a cold, hard look at my planner and get the week sorted out. This month is busy! I’m planning some DIY projects that will become posts and I have some sewing to do for an upcoming event. I hope you are having a super weekend xxxx

Recipe: Two Ingredient Caramel Apple Dip

Recipe: Two Ingredient Caramel Apple Dip

Summary: This so easy, calling it a recipe is a bit of a stretch! Sweet, caramel pairs perfectly with tart, green apples in this treat. Although, strawberries and salty crackers like Jatz or Salada are pretty good with it too. What? You expected me to have caramel dip in the house and not dip stuff in it? This dip is pretty lush with strawberries, in fact it’s awesome with strawberries. Seriously, think of the ways you could use this recipe – as a dessert, a sweet addition to brunch or tucked into a lunch box. I think you should make this, I think you should dip things in it and be impressed at the caramell-y goodness. There’s noting to loose and it’s crazy easy! 


  1. In a medium bowl, whisk together the caramel and cream until smooth and well combined. Pour in to a serving bowl.
  2. Cut the apples into slices and serve with the caramel dip.

Introducing Castaway to Couture…….

Introducing Castaway to Couture.......OMG guys! How exciting is this! You know how I’ve been telling you that I’m working on something big for the ASG? This is what I was referring to……..

Castaway to Couture is an exciting project for op shop lovers and refashioners. it is a National refashioning competition to celebrate National Sewing month in May, brought to you by the Australian Sewing Guild Inc. (ASG), in collaboration with Red Cross Shops.

The idea is simple, pick up a garment (or a few!) from Red Cross Shops, use your sewing skills to refashion it into something new and enter the competition via the ASG Facebook app. Winners will be determined via public vote, so make sure you let your friends know how they can vote for you!

The winner will receive a swag of prizes:

  •  A 12 month subscription to the Australian Sewing Guild Inc. RRP$60 (not to mention exclusive member discounts and deals)
  • A 12 month subscription to ‘Love Sewing’ Magazine RRP$99.95
  • A signed copy of ‘The Sewing Bible for Clothes Alteration’ by Judith Turner RRP$40
  • 12 month access to the Genie Centre Magic Circle videos & ebooks RRP$144.95
  • Plus articles/profiles of the winner will be published in ‘Love Sewing’ Magazine and on the Australian Sewing Guild website and blog. Just think of the exposure!

The Castaway to Couture competition is open to all Australians and don’t be put off that this is the Australian Sewing Guild – we truly welcome anyone who loves to sew! There will be no picky inspections by the ASG, it’s all down to the public to pick their fave refashion via the photos supplied. Entries open 2 March 2015 & closes 22 May 2015. For full details on the competition, terms and conditions etc please see –

You can enter as many times as you want it it’s not just for expert stitchers so get shopping and chopping!